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What can I do with coachingeasy Tennis TSS ?

  • You can create training exercises with all the necessary information. (Duration of the exercise and recovery, description, number of repetitions and series, observations and blackboard to illustrate)
  • You can then save them.
  • You can sort the exercises in groups and families and have an organized library to facilitate access and use.
  • You can build training sheets with exercises created and save them.
  • You can also edit at any time your library, your exercises and your training sheets.

How the main menu is structured and what are its features ?

  • The main menu allows foremost, access to key features that structure the application.
  • The library function that allows the creation and organizing of the training exercises.
  • Allows to organize the training exercises hierarchically by typologies and groups.
  • Allows the creation and view the training sessions sheets.

Can I edit the main menu ?

Yes, it is possible to freely modify the library by tapping the Edit button in the top bar.

  • To reorder the position of the elements that make up the menu.
  • To remove the items from the menu.
  • To add a new item in the menu.

How the library is organized ?

Given that the training exercises will be several, varied and of different types, it makes sense to organize them into categories and groups.

the library is structured into 4 levels :

  • Type of training is the highest level. (to differentiate the type of training Physical, Technical, Tactical etc ...)
  • Specific activity is the second level. (warm up, general conditionning, etc. ...)
  • Activity group is the third level. (aerobic training, anaerobic training etc ...)
  • Set of exercises is the last level. (groups similar exercises)

Tutorial Main menu

How the main menu is structured and what are its features ?

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